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Patchwork Batik Kantha Throw


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This throw from our 'Core' collection showcases many traditional techniques like patchwork, batik, kantha using luxurious silk fabrics. The use of modern colours like cypress and terracotta to highlight these techniques adds a chic look. Whether draped on your bed or the arm of your sofa, this throw will surely start a conversation!

Size: 150 cm x 200 cm


Trivia- Batik is a fabric hand-dyeing technique native to Asia and widely practiced in India. Batik is a form of Wax-resist dyeing. Kantha is said to have originated from the ingenuity of Bengali housewives who used colourful strands of thread from their saris to mend old clothes. Popular motifs include animals, birds, flowers, geometrical shapes as well as themes from everyday life.