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Handstamped Red and Gold Khari Paisley Table Cloth



You save £10.50 (30%)

Festive and ethnic, this red, gold, and white print table cloth is really great for dressing up your home for parties or for the holiday season. It is 100% cotton and is relatively easy to maintain- just machine wash in cold water and a not-too-hot iron on reverse.

Size: 150 x 225 cms


Hand block printing is a popular craft of India. The practitioners of this traditional art form are found mainly in the western Indian desert states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, although there is another version which is native to the east coast too (Andhra kalamkari). At Purvaai we are privileged to work with the artisan suppliers of Bagru and Sanganer just outside of Jaipur, Rajasthan, who continue to live and work in close proximity to each other, as their community has done for centuries, and who are still engaged in the age-old tradition of block printing with natural as well as newer azo-free chemical dyes.