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Cool Cotton Ornate Paisley Quilt - Floral


  1. These lovely block-printed quilted bedspreads are brilliant for the in-between weather we get so often, when it's too hot for duvets but too cold for only sheets. With an ornate paisley design on one side and an interesting floral/geometric all-over design on the other, these quilts are reversible. 
  3. Brightly-coloured hand block-printed floral motifs in bright yellow and cornflower blue interspersed among the lighter paisley background motif add special interest. These gorgeous quilts are painstakingly hand quilted.


Size: 220cm x 270cm 


Block printing in India is practiced in various regions and states. Each has its own special motifs and designs passed down from generation to generation. The dyes are traditionally natural ones made from plants, roots, herbs, flowers, nuts and bark. The blocks are often beautifully hand carved and lovingly preserved for generations together.