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Raj 'Romance'- Oblong Carriage cushion



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Pink is romance, grey is classic and the carriage is reminiscent of a simpler time. With lace and velvet trimmings, this rectangular cushion is part of our Raj collection. It is a romantic interpretation of the theme of our Textile Design Competition 2012- 'Reminiscing the Raj'.

Size- 12 in x 20 in

Please note: The price is for the cushion cover only. It does not include the cost of a filler. If you would like a filler, please order one from the 'Fillers' section of our site.

(Recommended care: Turn inside out and handwash separately in cold water)


In an effort to promote the wealth of design talent in the United Kingdom, we organised our first ever textile design competition whose theme was ‘Reminiscing the Raj’. The idea was to seek out a contemporary interpretation of a bygone Indian era – resulting in the confluence of local talent with a foreign culture and aesthetic. Two very gifted young British designers are behind our ‘Raj’ collection; they participated and received accolades from the judges, the public and of course, us. The Raj-Royalty collection is designed by Chloe Hamill, winner of Purvaai's Textile Design Competition 2012.