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Hand Quilted Anchor Cushion - Wistful Mauve


This hand-quilted cushion in mauve cotton voile with white 'Kantha' running stitch detailing and a linen back is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional craft that sits comfortably in a modern home. 100% cotton.

Size: 50 cms x 50 cms

Please note: The price is for the cushion cover only. It does not include the cost of a filler. If you would like a filler, please order one from the 'Fillers' section of our site.

(Recommended care: Handwash with like colours)



Quilting is a traditional craft practiced across the world to create comforting products for the home – mostly from old, soft fabrics. Hand quilting is popular the world over. In the east it probably caught on in the 19th century when the colonials started to settled in large numbers in the Indian subcontinent, with their families. The wives of British army officers and civil servants may have trained the indigenous members of their household staff in the skill.