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Camel Kantha cushion


This item is currently out of stock, but please keep checking back for it or contact us.

This rather unique cushion cover showcases a style of 'Nakshi Kantha', a form of kantha embroidery where an image is filled with tiny stitches. The camel, which is a symbol of strength, endurance and a willingness to serve, is a popular motif in Indian textiles, both in embroidery as well as weaving. Here it has been depicted in a contemporary form suggesting movement.

Size 18 in x 18 in.

Please note: The price is for the cushion cover only. It does not include the cost of a filler. If you would like a filler, please order one from the 'Fillers' section of our site.

(Recommended care: Dry clean only)


Trivia- The art form is said to have originated from the ingenuity of bengali housewives who used colourful strands of thread from their saris to mend old clothes. Popular motifs include animals, birds, flowers, geometrical shapes as well as themes from everyday life.