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Batik Kantha cushion


This item is currently out of stock, but please keep checking back for it or contact us.

This fun patchwork cushion with batik fabric and kantha detailing is part of our 'Core' range, which uses earthy tones and relies heavily on Kantha embroidery. The aquamarine and brown of the batik fabric are complementary colours, which are set off brilliantly with kantha in lighter shades.

Size 18 in x 18 in.

Please note: The price is for the cushion cover only. It does not include the cost of a filler. If you would like a filler, please order one from the 'Fillers' section of our site.

(Recommended care: Dry clean only)


Trivia- Kantha embroidery, which comes from Bengal/ Bangladesh is also very popular in India. Comprising of a series of running stitches, usually in colours contrasting with the base fabric (for example, red on beige or white on black), Kantha is used extensively in India, not only in apparel but also home linen. Batik is a fabric hand-dyeing technique native to Asia and widely practiced in India.