Purvaai is a venture co-founded by three friends Priya, Tarangini and Sonali, who met in business school over a decade ago. By a quirk of fate, all three of us found ourselves living in the UK, sharing in a passion for entrepreneurship.

Bound together as we were by our love for everything Indian, especially home décor, it was only a matter of time before it occurred to us to start a company together that would create tasteful products for those, like us, who wished for beautiful homes.

Like most Indians of this generation who have experienced the shrinking world, all three of us strive to bring balance to our lives – harmonising family and career, relishing both naans and Nandos, reconciling tradition with modernity – with this venture as well, we strive towards a look of 'contemporary tradition'.

This balance is reflected in Purvaai’s unique home furnishings designs, which brighten all living spaces, whether traditional or contemporary. With Purvaai, we not only love what we do but are also doing what we love. Come, join us on the journey!


Priya Raghavan

Priya's formal training in Finance and her experience running a family business in Engineering might surprise you, but at heart she is an artist with a keen eye for style and designs that will stand the test of time. Priya is very fond of drawing and sketching and is an accomplished painter with a preference for watercolours.

Sonali Deshpande

Prior to setting up Purvaai, Sonali worked in Marketing of Technology and Telecommunications. Always on the lookout for beautiful art for her own home, her favourite haunts are the cloth markets of Mumbai. Her most treasured possession is the hand-embroidered linen gifted to her at her wedding by the matriarchs of her family. Sonali is an artist herself; she enjoys fabric painting, quilting, embroidery and needlepoint.

Tarangini Suresh

Tarangini’s education in Marketing and Advertising and previous experience in Digital Marketing sits comfortably alongside a traditionally classic design sensibility. With prior work experience exporting handcrafted home linen from India, Tarangini has also trained in vocal Indian classical music and loves attending live performances.