Purvaai announces its Second Textile Design Competition (2013) Feb 01, 2013

London, February 1, 2013 - After the resounding response to its first ever Textile Design Competition, last year, Purvaai is pleased to announce the competition once again for the year 2013.

Open to UK-based art and design students and recent graduates, This is our way of helping talented young designers burst onto the scene, to get them noticed by industry influencers and the media and give them a great start in their careers. Applicants participate not just for prize money but also for recognition, since we put selected entries into production and give credit to the designers in all our communication.

For the first competition last year, we received excellent support from the industry – with our judges’ panel comprising experienced designers, retailers, bloggers and academia. This year too we have a great panel of judges lined up for the competition. The competition is judged completely independently of Purvaai’s promoters and employees, so the winners are truly selected by the industry.

This year the theme of the competition is ‘Naturally Yours’ deriving inspiration from nature in all its abundance for colours, motifs, patterns and fibres. With this theme we also hope to provide design students with an impetus to focus their creative energies on ethical and sustainable fashion which not only draws inspiration from Nature, but also helps nurture it.

‘Emerald Green’ is Pantone’s colour of 2013. Green reflects nature and nature reflects diversity. Nature knows no boundaries; there can be a microcosm in a dew drop and there is a universe in our seas. A garden with its flowers, beetles, birds and trees belongs to tended nature, whereas the forests that are teeming with amazing flora and fauna showcase the wild, untamed side of nature. Marine life is vivid with colours and textures of corals, fish, plants and other aquamarine life. The molten lava settled as beautifully coloured igneous rocks, giving us precious and semi-precious stones are all part of this wonderful element of nature.

Apart from providing us with immense inspiration, nature has also provided us with fabulous fibres such as linen, cotton, silk, wool and natural dyes like madder and indigo to with which to colour them.

Designers are being offered the chance to take their pick from colours, textures, patterns and forms that nature has to offer and to design a range of soft furnishings / personal accessories. This is an opportunity for them to present their take on the theme by unleashing their own natural powers of creativity.

Registration for the competition will open February 15th, 2013. Watch this space for the information pack and the registration forms coming soon.